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Admissions Policy

All applications are made to the governing authority of Evangel Christian Academy, which reserves the right to accept or reject any application. The admission procedures include the submission of a written application form with the application fee, an application review, testing of the student, a family interview, and payment of the registration and testing fees to enable the Administrator to make a responsible decision. Christian Testimony, Faithful Church Attendance And Regular Attendance At Scheduled Parent-Teacher Fellowship Meetings Are Also Conditions For Acceptance And Continued Enrollment. All applicants who are accepted are done so on a nine-week trial basis. Also, if at any time during the school year the student’s conduct or academic performance or any other requirement for admission falls below the acceptable standards as established by the ECA Administrator with the ECA Executive Committee; tutoring, testing, or withdrawal may be required.

Acceptable Standards

  • The student has shown the ability to handle the academic level by passing all core subjects.

  • The student has displayed a good attitude and Christian character in his/her relationship with teachers, students, and staff. Children from the 5th grade on must have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

  • The student has accomplished all requirements or conditions established at the time of enrollment by the ECA Administrator with the student and parents. A student must have a 2.0 GPA at time of enrollment in all core subjects. If a student does not, they may be accepted at the discretion of the Administrator on probationary terms.

  • The student and parents must be willing and desire to adhere to the standards of ECA.

  • There must be a form on file stating that both parents/guardians have read and agree with ECA policies and procedures.

  • Payment of appropriate fees must be paid as outlined in the ECA Handbook.

  • Written recommendation from a previous counselor, teacher, or principal and a pastor.

  • Satisfactory results of Admission Screening test (given to K-12th grades).

  • The education pastor/administrator or designated representative must interview a student and family before acceptance.

All students are accepted on a nine-week probationary period. If a student does not meet expectations within that period, he/she may be asked to withdraw or he/she may be placed on an extended probation.

The administration holds the right to refuse admittance based on factors not yet determined but in the best interest of ECA.

To see the full list of of our policies, education philosophy, and standards, please refer to our student handbook.

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