Message from Administrator

Mr Johnson

ECA was founded for the purpose of providing Christian parents with a Christ-like environment for their child. We are honored to walk alongside parents who believe that a quality education leads to a productive, purposeful, and fulfilled life.

We believe that hard work, the pursuit of knowledge, integrity, sacrifice, and citizenship, are qualities that define a Christ follower. I, as the administrator of Evangel Christian Academy, fully believe that the success we seek for our young people is certainly attainable if we work together as a team.

          Evangel Christian Academy exists to be an extension of the Christian family in training and developing their Christian student(s) for committed service to our Lord Jesus Christ. Through quality academic instruction, the impartation of Biblical values and providing activities designed to foster spiritual, academic and social growth, ECA words to help each student reach their potential in Christ.

Thank you for entrusting your child in our care as we support you in the nurturing of his/her academic, mental, and spiritual well-being.

May God bless you,
Mr. Bobby Johnson
ECA Administrator